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I'm Hannah Sidner and ceramics is my passion. I have a BFA in ceramics and a BSED in art education. I've spent years learning about ceramics and perfecting my craft. I am inspired by the vibrant colors of the mountains in Western North Carolina, where I went to school at Western Carolina University. I now live in and work on my ceramics in a small town nestled between Asheville and Charlotte. I spend my days making work that is filled with love and careful consideration.

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Mug Makin'

One of my favorite pieces to make is mugs. Each one is an intimate work of art that connects us in surprising ways. Every mug goes through dozens of steps, from making my clays and glazes, to throwing it on the wheel, trimming a foot for balance, making a handle to hold comfortably, to firing in a kiln, decorating, and firing again, as well as a few other steps to make the magic happen! Its a long process, but I enjoy every step.

It's all in the Glaze

Glazing is the process of decorating the surface of the pots. For the black texture on my pieces, I use dishsoap mixed with underglaze to make "bubbles." For some pieces this technique is free form, and on some I use paper stencils to control the design. The colored portions of my pieces are a mid-range reduction glaze. I've spent two years composing this recipe, and am still working to improve it through vigorous testing, to date I have made over 500 test tiles to find colors and combinations I use on my pieces. The majority of my work is fired in an electric kiln. I have four kilns, two that are new and shiny, and two that are from 1956 &1972 that I’ve rebuilt. Because the unique properties of these kilns, each firing is a little different, as I cannot replicate an atmosphere twice, making each piece one of a kind. 

My favorite things to make

Jars and other lidded pieces are some of the most complex forms to create when it comes to pottery, and it’s why they’re my favorite! There are dozens of techniques to reference when making jars, but I use a combination of wheel throwing, slab building, and coils to make mine. I learned this from my dear friend, college roommate, and amazingly talented ceramic artist Laura Casas Montgomery. 

I start by throwing the container piece on the wheel, and towards the top I create a lip with my finger tips to hold the lid. Next I roll out a slab (think of making cookies!) I place a thin sheet of plastic over the jar and set the slab on top. I cut the slab to fit the exterior rim of the jar, then I depress the slab so the edge is on the inner rim. This creates the lovely rounded look to my lids! Lastly I roll a coil and attach it as a handle. 

Where can you find me?

I currently have a studio space in the lovely town of Shelby, NC. You can find me in a spacious loft on Lafayette Street. I moved into the space towards the end of 2021 and for now it’s only a work space and not open to the public. I hope to have a gallery incorporated into this space by the summer of 2022. 

What our customers are saying

The mug I bought is super durable and well made, I can tell a lot of hard work and care went into making it. The colors are so beautiful, I love my new mug!

Aleah Neider 

Want a piece of your own?

Check out my Etsy shop to find the perfect piece for you. 

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